Helping Our Children Thrive

All children, regardless of where they were born, deserve equal access to health care, education, proper nutrition and the support they need to have a fair chance to succeed. When parents receive the health coverage and nutrition assistance they are eligible for, their kids and our nation benefit. This rule would take vital resources away from hard-working households with children. By design, this rule would have a devastating effect on the health, safety and well-being of our nation’s children. When all children succeed, we all benefit.

The proposed rule puts immigration status at risk if an immigrant has a preexisting health condition, or has received health, nutrition or housing assistance.  In addition, children may be denied a green card simply because of their age unless their family is wealthy. This would force a lose-lose choice for immigrant families, with serious consequences for child development.

But we can help stop it if enough of us act. 

When the administration proposes a new regulation, it must give the public an opportunity to comment. We strongly encourage you to make your comment unique by editing the draft text box. Your comments should explain how taking away the ability to use these public services would harm you, your family, or your community.  If you do not want to include any personal information, a friend or representative can submit a comment for you.

Don’t delay! Make sure your comment is submitted on or before December 10th. This comment period is the best — and only — period for the public to weigh in.

YOUR VOICE MATTERS. Leave a public comment today.