A Nation That Welcomes Immigrants

The Trump Administration has proposed a policy change that would penalize immigrants who choose health and well-being over malnutrition and economic instability. The proposed “public charge” rule would deny a visa or green card to nearly everyone seeking to enter the U.S. — whether permanently or temporarily — as well as immigrants living in the U.S., if they seek access to healthcare, nutrition, and other important basic needs programs. The fear created by these rules would extend far beyond any individual who may be subject to the “public charge” test and will cause lasting harm to entire communities. By forcing choices no family should have to make, it puts our whole country at risk. If implemented, this rule would tear apart families and threaten the foundation of our legal immigration system, which is built on the premise that strong family units are the bedrock of safe, thriving communities and our shared economic prosperity.

But we can help stop it if enough of us act. 

When the administration proposes a new regulation, it must give the public an opportunity to comment. We strongly encourage you to make your comment unique by editing the draft text box. Your comments should explain how taking away the ability to use these public services would harm you, your family, or your community. If you do not want to include any personal information, a friend or representative can submit a comment for you.

Don’t delay! Make sure your comment is submitted on or before December 10th. This comment period is the best — and only — period for the public to weigh in.

YOUR VOICE MATTERS. Leave a public comment today.